Optus Sydney Head Office


The Optus office is one of TCP stand out projects as it fittingly shows the best in which the company has to offer in the form of audio and visual solutions and its wide range of products and service solutions.

The Optus brief was to design a boardroom which would minimise the need for travel purposes both interstate and overseas, by using audio and visual systems to transfer information to any number of its head offices.

Along with the showpiece boardroom the project also required the complete design and installation of a number of audio and visual equipment to be used in the foyer, training rooms and meeting rooms. The audio visual equipment installed included a state of the art video conferencing system, complete with audio integration, numerous high definition projector screens across a range of rooms and in order to control all of this an AMX control system.

The Foyer and meeting rooms involved the installation of a number of wall mounted plasma screen as well as ceiling speakers. The ceiling speakers are now used to play quiet music throughout the building and the plasma screens are used to display free to air television as well as subscription television in main thorough fares such as the foyer.