Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay


Based in Sydney’s Double Bay, the new Intercontinental Historic Hotel is a masterclass in luxury hotel design. With one hundred and fifty five guest rooms and suites, seven event spaces, and a rooftop bar, we were approached to create a solution to their needs. 

Throughout the hotel, we have installed background music, reception paging and evacuation audio via a central audio matrix. The hotel has a number of hireable event spaces for corporate meetings and functions. For the smaller meeting rooms, Samsung LED displays have been implemented with laptop connection plates, with room control via a Neets wall-mounted keypad controller. 

The Grand Ballroom consists of three interconnected areas. Each of combined areas is designed to operate independently of each other, consisting of their own motorized large format projection screen with multiple input panels, ceiling speakers, and wireless tablet control.

We also designed the separate rooms to be easily controlled from separate control points, and can be routed into one central control point if required.