Australian War Memorial

command center.JPG

The Australian War memorial is one of Australia’s iconic landmarks and is a source of great pride and inspiration for the Australian public. Therefore when TCP was asked to design and install the new wing, it was a task which TCP took with great enthusiasm.

This extensive project involved a number of different zones throughout the wing, with each section involving its own unique audio visual requirements.

The largest undertaking in this project was unquestionably the Iroquois Helicopter scene. This section involved a number of different audio and visual installations ranging from projection systems with multiple image projections to surround sound effects, however the most extensive integration was a giant ceiling fan coordinated with high impact audio sub woofers to create an unmatchable effect of the helicopter taking off.

The project also involved the design and installation of a number of interactive displays throughout the venue along with an extensive presentation theatre.

In addition to this the nature of the venue with its numerous exhibits required the venue be fitted with sound scaping in multiple environments capabilities as well as controlled sound field and directional audio system for KIOSK displays.